April 24th

If what you say matters, what are you saying? Are you saying it with words? Do your actions, intentions, and expectations match your words? How do you know? How can you find out? Do you even think about it? Should you?

The true warrior thinks before speaking, and as a result, is often silent … as he or she realizes that what was going to be said is not worth uttering once re-examined in a moment of quiet reflection. Often the best words are words that form questions, rather than words that form statements. Wouldn’t you agree? For example: What do you think we should do? versus I think we should do this. The most accepted and effective form of communication is storytelling. When you put your words into a narrative, it becomes more engaging, interesting, and (dare I say it?) believable—even when there is nothing true or factual about the story in the first place. A good storyteller will have you suspend reality, as well as any disbelief you may have brought to the table.

You are warriors. Put your words into the right form and wield your power wisely. Tell a story and gain a friend, a follower, and a believer … and with the right words, you will build a great following who will help you to demonstrate your success. So it has been written.