August 13th

The true warrior understands the power of positive thinking, self-deception, delusion, self-fulfilling prophecy, grandiosity, etc. So—ignoring the positive/negative differences—what do all these things have in common?

The true warrior says that it is all about belief, having come to believe, and believing. This is the common thread—positive or negative. What is the difference between an opinion and a belief? That stuff in your mind? It is stuff you believe. “Formed an opinion” is just another way of saying “came to believe.”

The point is, you can come to believe negative things. You can come to believe things that are not real, not true, and not related in any way to reality. The true warrior knows that they can have unintended beliefs. True warriors are vigilant and verify the contents of their mind. They guard against false beliefs!

The true warrior develops beliefs that give them the edge. The true warrior understands the power of mental armour and builds a fortress of the mind that guarantees success.

You are warriors, so don’t leave the contents of your mind up to chance. Come to believe! The power of belief will produce prodigious results in your life. Positive or negative, the outcome is truly up to you. So it has been written.