September 30th

Convert your critics into cheerleaders! Okay, so you are being criticized. You don’t like it. You think it is unfair. You believe it to be mean or undeserved, and you want it to stop. Well, that seems normal, but think about it … did your response to this criticism help you in any way? Remember how we like to change the facts to suit our opinions? Possibly this is one of those occasions. We push back. We don’t agree. We have a tantrum. We regress, and that’s of absolutely no help at all to anyone.

Warriors know that they must embrace their critics if they are to prevail in any way. Think about it. Think about the last time you were being coached. Did the criticism result in you improving your game? Of course it did. You showed the coach what you could do, and he showed you how you could do it better. You stepped up to the next level, and the coach was pleased. So embrace your critics. They are volunteering to be your unpaid coaches. They just don’t know it yet.

Critics are engaged; critics are far more valuable than those who just stop using your service and say nothing. Be grateful for the engagement. It is invaluable. True warriors know that they need to cultivate the critic.

For example, get the critic to become a willing participant in your product or skill’s improvement. Ask the critic to join your team in an advisory capacity. There are many ways that you can turn the critic from complainer to champion, and guess what? Everyone feels better as a result! Figure out how to do that over and over again, and you will be truly loved.

Win – Win – Win! You are warriors, and you know that criticism is really a cry for help. Someone is letting you know that they want to help. Take advantage of the offer, and get these people on your team!

Your team can grow and will grow—if you help them in ways that are positive, constructive, and strengthening … rather than negative, destructive, and weakening. It is your choice.

So It Has Been Written.