May 15th

Decisions, decisions, decisions. How to make decisions? True warriors know that when they were born, they arrived on the planet with limited decision-making skills. As they grew up and learned, their decision making was sort of like a pinball machine—all dependant on what you were up against, what the circumstances were at that moment, and what support system was around you. When true warriors add that learning to their natural tendencies or nature, they come to realize that they may need some help in learning how to really make effective decisions. As it turns out, the true warrior was not born with a PhD in decision making. Many of us, for some reason, think that we should be naturally skilled and effective decision makers, and that (in some way) this skill should be a talent given to us by God in this man-made world. Therein lies the dichotomy. Our natural decision-making skills are not suited to the constructed environment within which we live, or to the artificial socioeconomic paradigm that governs our daily existence. The true warrior seeks out instruction, lessons, and a decision-making mentor to help them become skilled at making decisions. The true warrior wants a full complement of useful skills and tools, a complement that includes the ability to make good decisions.

Some of the folly about effective decision making involves our natural and instinctive biases that revolve around the way our minds work. Couple that with the fact that we are inherently mentally lazy and not good at forecasting, calculating probabilities, or assessing risk versus reward, and it becomes clear that even a good decision maker is going to have lots of challenges. So there it is. It is up to you. Do you decide to become better at making decisions or not? Well, how are you going to make this decision? Watch out for the big trap! Having made a decision, what are you going to do (or do differently) to implement said decision? You actually have to do something if you make a decision, so maybe it’s best not to. At least that way you will be able to maintain the status quo … or will you?

A rolling stone gathers no moss. You are warriors and you were not born great decision makers, so pay attention to how you make decisions and start implementing strategies to gain more skills in this area. As a result, you will become better than average at making decisions, and that will help you achieve great success. So it is written.