July 19th

The true warrior has very few expectations, and for very good reason. They have come to understand and believe that inner peace is inversely proportional to their expectations. Above all, the true warrior values inner peace, serenity, and tranquillity. The true warrior strives to avoid that which disturbs their chi1, and has discovered that the number one culprit getting in the way of that harmony is unrealistic expectation. Surprisingly, there are some prerequisite expectations: that the weather will change, for example. It will not stay the same. A reasonable expectation, in this (and almost every other) case, is change … rather than the continuance of the status quo. We live in a dynamic environment.

The true warrior knows that it pays to learn about things that can realistically be expected to happen, and to be sceptical of everything else. The real lesson is to recognize what you can actually, realistically expect, and relinquish all concerns about that which you cannot.

You are warriors, and with reasonable expectations, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being winners, and position yourself to achieve maximum success. So it has been written.

1. Chi – personal “energy force” according to Chinese culture.