April 21st

What will you tolerate? Are you a leader or a follower? Does your role define your moral compass? Do you tolerate more or less depending on who you are or the role you currently fill? Will you walk by the garbage on the ground wondering about who put it there, and why … or are you completely oblivious to your surroundings? Litter is just a very small example of a visible and tangible moral deficiency in the one who put it there. It can be an opportunity staring you in the face. It can be a challenge to you. It can be a test of your moral character, and an opportunity to demonstrate (to yourself) your own character in daily action. Go ahead. Pick up the trash without judgement or emotional response. Just take care of the planet as best you can, and don’t tell anyone. Keep it to yourself or it doesn’t count.

If you are a manager, a tribe member, or a member of any group, in any type of circumstances, will you demonstrate your morals and your character to yourself and the others around you? When you die, will you be remembered as a character or as a person of character? The outcome is in your hands—in your actions and in your beliefs. You have the power to create the future. The true warrior will not tolerate abuse to his or her moral character. The true warrior will not stand by and ignore those around them who are behaving badly. The true warrior will not miss an opportunity for a teaching moment—to help steer the wayward to a more effective course of action. True warriors take the mantel of true leadership because we care about those around us and want each and every one of us to be the best they can be, and achieve the highest achievable level of individual growth and success.

You are warriors, and you have the opportunity to achieve great personal success. Tolerate nothing less. So it has been written.