June 2nd

How does it all work? Who is in charge? Some think that there is a secret cabal of powerful people that runs the world, all without our knowledge. Perhaps there are multiple groups, made up of powerful people who regularly meet to plan the future of the world—and who think that they are actually doing so. Let’s look at the ability to cause others to act. Who has this ability? Is it the person at the top or the person at any level who has an idea that resonates with people, circumstances, or situations? The true warrior knows that, in order to create change, one must cause others to voluntarily change their behaviour, either in a permanent way or for a period of time long enough to allow perceptions to shift. Time becomes your ally or your foe, depending on how much of a hurry you are in to invoke change. If you want fast results, then it needs to be very trendy, or faddish (as these are the only short-term beliefs that can change quickly). Long-term beliefs are typically the ones that have existed for millennia. These are the beliefs that become unshakable, and for which people will fight to the death.True warriors know that, if they want rabid fans, they must tap into time-tested, long-held beliefs, and co-opt them for their own mission or goal.

You are warriors, forget not the power of belief and perceptions. You must conform your message and mission to the long-held or deep-seated beliefs that exist in the mind of the team or tribe that you are trying to influence. When you achieve conformance to what is in that mind, you will achieve great strides in your mission, and discover that loss and victory are interchangeable, because that is how it works. So it has been written.