July 14th

Yes, the true warrior knows that this moment counts, but often doesn’t matter to today. True warriors understand that what is happening is happening, regardless of what they want, think, or do. The true warrior understands that our lives are unmanageable, which he or she recognizes is a statement of fact, not an outcome or a result. Just like the flower that is planted in the garden—our lives will grow and unfold according to environmental conditions. The plant, however, has no power over its growth, life, or environment. None whatsoever. True warriors can have a definite impact on their environment. The true warrior has the power of thought (which is not always a good thing) and the power of locomotion. In addition, the true warrior has been blessed with the ability to use tools, and to alter his or her immediate environment by creating and constructing things like shelter, clothing, and an infinite array of goods and services—when working together with other like-minded individuals.

Although true warriors cannot manage their lives, they can have a dramatic impact on how that life unfolds by influencing their immediate environment. That is something that you do, or choose not to do, in each and every moment of your life. Many of us fail to separate that which we can manage from that which we can’t, and when we combine that with our frustrating desire for immediate gratification, we can become very unhappy, disillusioned, and depressed. Don’t want to go there? Then don’t! Pay attention and realize that there are just some things that are beyond your control, influence, and ability to impact. Ignore that stuff and get to work on that which you can influence—stuff that makes a difference tomorrow, next week, next year, and over the course of your life. Think further out and be prepared to be surprised all the time. Have fun, because mistakes are for correction!

You are warriors, and as far-thinking, fun-loving risk takers, you will succeed well beyond your limited imaginings. So it has been written.