June 22nd

The true warrior regularly goes back to basics for a variety of skills re-orientations—on different cycles based on the complexity of the skill in question. The true warrior may revisit some skills on a daily or weekly basis, others on a monthly or quarterly basis, and the rest at least once a year. Why revisit the basics? The true warrior knows that it is in our nature to take shortcuts and to become know-it-alls, and that this attitude is dangerous to the true warrior’s survival, success, and growth. The true warrior does not want to stop doing those fundamental things that work. Those foundational skills are the bedrock for the tools and skills the true warrior has laboured hard to acquire. The only defence the true warrior has against his or her nature is the regular return to the basics. True warriors love this. They understand that the only way to return to the basics, on a regular basis, is to love the mundane things of his and her life … for otherwise he or she will think it is beneath them, and that way lies folly of the highest order.

You are warriors. Revisit your basics on a regular basis. Don’t let your ego be your folly. You have a solid bedrock upon which you can build a successful life. So it is written.