May 18th

Let’s be clear about what is happening. What you are experiencing in the moment is, in fact, what is actually happening—filtered by your mind—and that is the reality of it. Do not step back or step aside, thinking that that isn’t what you meant or that’s not how you planned it. What happened is what happened, regardless of how much you deny your participation in the experience. The true warrior accepts what is happening without rationalization and without justification. What is happening is what is happening, so act accordingly.

Let’s pretend you find yourself standing in the middle of a very long, paved strip of land, and you realize that something monstrous is coming your way, very quickly. In this case, the appropriate action would be to get the hell out of the way, right now, as you are about to get crushed!

Let’s pretend you are in a conversation and the person you are conversing with starts exhibiting signs of extreme agitation, and you conclude that they are angry and about to go ballistic. Guess what? You are a part of that, and you need to apply the brakes and find out what you have done to contribute to this outcome—assuming that it was not your desired outcome. What is happening, regardless of your intentions, is the result of your communications, so pay attention and act accordingly. Can you read the signs?

True warriors know that the ability to read signs is vitally important to their survival and success in life. They look around themselves. They pay attention to the threads of conversations, and watch the way the wind blows at all times. They have a course of action unfolding before them, and have prepared a Plan B —just in case. True warriors are authentic in all their dealings with those around them. The true warrior has read and benefited from the study of Seneca the Younger1.

You are warriors, and you must stop making excuses, rationalizing, and justifying (even just a little bit), and start living your life to the fullest. Be authentic. Pay attention. Read the signs and work your magic … for it will allow you to achieve success that you cannot possibly imagine. So it has been written.

1. Seneca the Younger – Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC–AD 65) a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and dramatist.