March 4th

Less is more! When did less become more? Why isn’t more more? The true warrior understands that our human minds are programmed, fundamentally, for scarcity, which is our evolutionary legacy: feast and famine, long periods of scarcity punctuated by brief periods of plenty. This shapes a core belief that “more” is a defence against scarcity. This was a good strategy centuries ago, but today this programmed belief pollutes our thinking about personal opportunities, business cases, and strategic directions. The world has changed, and for now, it has left us in the evolutionary dust. The true warrior knows that this knowledge is to your advantage.

Less is more, because it leads to results. Having more is confusing, clouds decision making, creates impediments to affirmatives, and actually results in achieving less. The true warrior understands that he or she has to travel light, move quickly, and possess the most effective weapon. The true warrior is forced to learn this lesson in combat. This is not a dress rehearsal, and to be the best warrior you can be, you need to select the very best weapon (product, service, or offering) to maximize your kills (sales).

By practising the concept of less, rather than becoming embroiled in the accumulation of more, you will show that you are true warriors—true champions—and produce phenomenal results (far more than those engaged in the accumulation of more)! So it has been written.

This is just the way it is for a true warrior.