May 28th

Have you ever been wrong? Are you always right? Is the world black and white or fifty shades of grey? When you discover that you are wrong, what do you do about it? Persevere regardless of the rightness or wrongness? Deny, deny, deny? Stop immediately, admit your mistake, and implement corrective action?

True warriors practice catching themselves in error, as they know that mistakes are common, and errors in judgement rampant. We humans suck at prognostication! The true warrior knows that the only way to improve their character and skills is by recognizing their limitations in action. Being wrong is going to happen, so man up (or get in touch with your feminine side) and admit your mistakes as soon as they happen … and take those lessons to the bank!

You are warriors, and by embracing the concept of admitting (and even admiring) your mistakes as soon as they happen, and by taking corrective, restorative, or reparative action ASAP, you will be rocketed into a new dimension of experience that will contribute mightily to your success and satisfaction. So it has been written.