November 23rd

What are your talents? Do you nurture them or do you deny them? Just how does one deny their talents? Well, it is a little more insidious than that. It is not outright denial with conscious intent. More often it is like a form of lazy ignorance. Lazy, because it does take some effort to manifest and hone a talent. Ignorance, because you may not be aware of what it means to have perfected a specific talent or that you could do so if you only tried.

The first step towards attaining, or perfecting your talents, is the job of taking an inventory. Just what are your talents—visible, hidden, and latent? This is not a one-time inventory, but something that a true warrior will do at least once a year, keeping a lookout for emerging latent talents, which could have immense value and be worthy of the effort needed to develop and hone its perfection. The second job is to start working on your talents, and give up those behaviours that are an impediment or roadblock to the manifestation of your talents. In other words, take a self-assessment and stop doing those things in your personal life that are not working for you, while doing much more of the things that are.

It’s much like sales territories in business. You send your resources into the productive territories, not into the nonperforming ones, and build out upon your strength. Do not dilute your talents by sending resources into non-performing territories. That strategy will sap you rather than building you up.

Nurture your talents regardless of what you think of them. Build them, strengthen them, and perfect them, for this is all a part of your preparation. What you think today will not be what you think tomorrow … so although we live in the moment, know that it is not cast in stone!

You are warriors. Perfect your talents and use them to change the present moment. The future flood of success begins with a mere trickle. So it is written.