October 20th

Pave the way with love. Think about it for a minute and let’s look at some emotional choices:

Wheel of Emotional States


What’s interesting about this image, and any other lists that you care to research, is that the negative emotional states outweigh the positive emotional states by at least 50 per cent. Therefore based on this frequency of occurrence, this means that on average, we are likely to spend more time engaged in negative emotional reactions than positive ones.

On the outside of this image, we only have two full-time, positive emotional states and one half-time, positive emotional state (awe). That leaves five full-time, negative emotional states and one half-time, negative emotional state. That’s a relationship of 2.5 out of 8 or only 31.5 per cent positive emotional states. Therefore, we can conclude that it is easier to be in a bad mood than in a good mood.

So does that mean we can excuse your crappy attitude, because it is more likely to be there? No! I don’t think so. Your emotional outcomes are the result of your creative process. Remember that what you do today matters to tomorrow, so if you want to be happy tomorrow, work on it today.

So now that you are thinking about this, don’t let thoughts of love come into your mind! Keep your love away! Don’t feel love! Don’t revisit loving moments! Can you do it? Can you have your mind devoid of love?

Well, not likely when I keep bringing it up. You can’t keep it out of your mind, so what is the point? The point is that you can engage your emotional states at will, with some practice and with true belief. If you believe it, it will manifest.

True warriors embrace the most powerful and effective of the positive emotional states—love. Close your eyes and there it is—love. You have visions of love. You can feel it, hear it, and touch it. Now open your eyes and look around you. Colour everything you see with the palette of love. Let your vision paint the scenes in front of you with love. Start with those things closest to you. Look right inside them to their core, and notice that, right there at the centre, there is a spark of love … deep inside it, at its core. Connect with that spark, and then visually embrace the next object. Pass over those objects that you feel any resistance to, and come back to them later. Move your vision outward and repeat until everything around you is embraced with love. Anchor this belief in your heart, and when you need it, it will be there.

Attribute love to all and see what happens. If you are a loving soul, are you weak or are you strong? What does it take to practice love? Weakness or strength?

You are warriors and you will love your slide. You will embrace your decline. You will see how this demonstration of love is for your benefit, and as a result, you will be able to stem the contraction and have it become an expansion. Misery shared is misery divided. Whereas happiness shared is happiness multiplied.

Warriors, go forth and share the love. So it is written.

1. Plutchik, R. – The Nature of Emotions. American Scientist. Retrieved 14 April 2011