December 12th

The wisdom of rest; it pays not to become exhausted each and every day. The toll is multifaceted and creates a deficit—an account that must be settled in order to avoid significant or permanent consequences. Rest is a requirement for optimal health. Take it when you can get it.

If you want more waking hours, you can train yourself to perform on less sleep, but you must integrate periods of rest into your regime. Rest is good for you and for all those around you. Rest is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength!

Do not confuse rest with avoidance. Schedule your rest. Make it a priority; don’t use it as an excuse. Tiredness is not the same as needing to take a rest. Tiredness is a symptom of a failure to take and plan effective rest periods. Do not confuse these concepts; power comes from effective management of life’s resources. The true warrior schedules his rest periods for maximum regeneration and power!

You are warriors, and with effective rest, you will overcome your challenges and demonstrate success. So it has been written.