December 5th

“HO! HO! HO!”

Sound familiar? Of course it does; it’s there in your mind already. We call that an anchor trigger—something that is already anchored in the mind. What happened when you read that line? Visions of Santa started prancing through your mind, triggered by those three short exclamations. Perhaps you heard that belly laugh in your mind, and an emotional response of some type was initiated (hopefully a happy one). Now you have been primed (triggered into a receptive state). So what should we do next? How about I ask you to do something that you might normally reject out of hand? Like donate to the Salvation Army? How successful do you think they are compared to other charities that stand outside shop doors? You can bet that they have significantly more successful fund-raising efforts, with triggers like that, at that time of year. We don’t stand a chance of not making some type of donation, unless we’re related to Scrooge … or if Christmas triggers some negative emotional response, which of course would be very sad.

This is the tool that true warriors use to bend minds to their will … or so it seems to the unknowing and the uninitiated (which would be almost everyone on the planet). True warriors know that there are anchor triggers in every mind, and as masters, they align their goals with those triggers and prime the minds around them before striking with the call to action—thus seeming to magically bend minds to their will. You have this power. Will you use it?

You are warriors and you can find the triggers that will prime the minds, and result in actions being taken that will result in profit and personal success for you. So it has been written.