January 19th

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is the end result of tinkering to achieve balance and intrinsic harmony with nature or with God. Beauty is simple to appreciate, but difficult to achieve. When you witness a beautiful performance, it appears effortless. It flows. It is magic. It is seamless and breathtaking to observe, and emotionally engaging as well. It takes massive sacrifice, determination, and discipline to get there, but it seems effortless, energy efficient, and simple. It is the journey to perfection that is difficult, challenging, and humbling. Once there, you wonder what took you so long, and why was it so challenging. Skills acquisition is just like that. You have to slog through the ugly to get to the beautiful. Do not become disenchanted with your journey. Strive for the simplicity and beauty that can be your day-today existence. It is entirely up to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You must behold the beauty of the end result of your efforts in order to achieve that nirvana and actualize it for yourself.

The true warrior is beautiful; the true warrior wakes to beauty. They behold it, demonstrate it, and live within it by choice … because it is less work and far more satisfying. You are warriors, and you too can embrace beauty. With such beauty and simplicity in your life, you can succeed at activities that appear miraculous to those observers around you. Success is beautiful and simple once you materialize it. So it has been written for you.