July 25th

Perception is everything. We believe what we see. People say, seeing is believing, but that’s not right. Believing is seeing. That is the reality. That’s how the world works. Our minds are voracious belief systems. As a result, first we believe and then we see! The true warrior knows that this is why marketing is all about alignment. The true warrior understands that when one talks about marketing, they’re really talking about communicating an idea— a concept or an image. The true warrior realizes that the marketing message needs to align with the perception that already exists in the mind of the prospect. Perception is another way to spell belief. When the marketing message conflicts with perception … there is no sale! When the marketing message has not changed, but the prospect’s perception has, it doesn’t work. When the prospect acquires a new belief system, the marketing—the communication—has to change and evolve as well.

The true warrior sees this as a challenge. “What good thoughts reside in the prospect’s mind that we can align with?” In business, the challenge is to continually refine our marketing/communication messages so that they resonate with the prospect’s perceptions in an affirmative manner.

For example, if you say to someone “Money is …?” and ask them to fill in the blank, there is no one answer. Some might say that money is great, while others would call it the root of all evil. With such polar opposite perceptions, promoting a pro-money message to the latter group would be problematic, while the same message would find success with the former.

As a true warrior, pay attention and protect yourself. The skies are not falling. Chicken Little is wrong. Stop looking around to see what others are doing. Stop looking for cues from others, and trust your inner voice. When it speaks, listen!

Be the first to act! Be the first to speak up! Stop accepting mediocrity!

You are warriors. The perception that you hold is everything. With your beliefs, you will move mountains. You will enjoy great success. Your life will be momentous. So it has been written.