August 3rd

The greatest power the true warrior possesses is belief. Look at Moses. He parted the Red Sea. Look at Jesus. He told his people that if they had the faith of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. Now that’s power! The power of faith and belief.

The enemy is doubt. That is what true warriors must defend against. They must ruthlessly seek out and eliminate all their internal, strength-sapping reservoirs of doubt. Your armour is belief and faith. With it you can face and embrace every challenge. When you find that you have inadequate belief or faith, conjure up that best-of-all-wizardly trick. Act as if.

Act as if you possessed unassailable faith, and unshakable belief, and you shall have it—as that promise has been made to you, and that promise cannot be broken … for that is just the way it is for the true warrior!

Expel the doubt!

You are warriors. If you will only believe, you will wipe out doubt; you will have the faith to move mountains! With such tools, you cannot help but have a life beyond your wildest imaginings. So it has been written.