March 18th

Can you avoid the trap of busyness—that overwhelming urge to do something about the stuff in your life? The accumulation of detritus and inanities sometimes drives all of us to just get involved in busywork. It really is wasted effort, but it makes us feel better, as we are in it for short-term emotional satisfaction and ego preservation. What do I mean by ego preservation? Well, you might think others will think less of you for not tidying up, for example, when you have spent all your time on the number one critical mission instead of doing your housekeeping, and so you shift your priorities to cleaning in order to save face. That, my friend, is ego preservation.

Sometimes a place can get so messy that you do need to make some housekeeping a number one priority. If that’s the case, go for it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, do what the true warrior does. Include in your personal habits those attributes that stop you from making a mess in the first place. For those messes that can’t be avoided, delegate the responsibility to your loyal retainers or vassals—for their time is used appropriately in keeping you fit and in fighting condition, ready to engage at a moment’s notice. The point is to not do everything yourself.

You are warriors. Keep the faith and get the most important thing done each day. Develop winning habits and learn to delegate as well and as often as you can. By being prepared at all times, you will be ready to take advantage of the turning tide. So it has been written.