May 19th

When looking for help or advice, most of us want to hear something that confirms the preconceptions we already have in our minds. We don’t really want to hear something that doesn’t conform to our ideas, and the more strongly we defend our ideas (when seeking advice or help) the more important it is that we see this as a warning sign. We need to step back from our own ideas long enough to detach from our own insanity, long enough to see that the defence mechanism we are experiencing is all about trying to make us look good. We are seeking affirmation and strokes for our ego. We don’t really want a contrary opinion. We want to hear how great we are, and the further from that position we find ourselves, the more desperate we are to defend ourselves—as we view anything but affirmations and accolades as an attack, against which we must defend ourselves … for who else will?

The true warrior practices humility for the sake of his or her soul. When seeking help or advice, true warriors are willing to let go of their own ideas, conceptions, creations, and opinions, and are eager to find solutions, processes, ideas, and ways of thinking that do not need to be acquired through trial and error. True warriors believe that they can skip that step by accepting and embracing, without qualification or objection, the work of those who have been there, and done that—those who can share their knowledge and impart their wisdom.

You are warriors. Seek outside counsel and knowledge, and while you are it, take care of the small stuff, the boring stuff, the stuff on which the world is built … and you will pile up success as a result. So it has been written.