November 19th

What are you going to do today? What did you do yesterday? Is what you did yesterday what you planned to do yesterday? How is what you are going to do today going to be different from what you did yesterday? Let’s assume you really are a true warrior and have a plan for the day—not a plan that you made up in the morning, but a plan that is a sequence of preordained events that are to unfold in your life today as a result of the things you have previously done.

You have studied each day you should have studied. You have practised each day you should have practised. You have exercised each day you should have exercised. You have saved each day you should have saved. You have acquired skills each day you should have acquired skills. You have devoted yourself to self-improvement each day you should have improved yourself in some measure. You have invested in your relationships each day you should have worked on improving your relationships. You have done the most important thing you could possibly do each day that you should have. You do not engage in busywork and avoidance. No, you do the most important thing each day that moves you forward towards your goals and ambitions, and brings you into closer harmony to your higher power’s will for you.

At the end of each day, you revel in an assessment of the day’s journey, and the milestones achieved, challenges embraced, and the progress made on your life plan. You rejoice in the celebration of living and being a true warrior. You give thanks and express your great gratitude for your place on the planet; it is great being the you that you are!

Construct this life and rejoice, for it is within your power … one step, one brick, one twitch, one obstacle, one breath at a time. This is your great gift from God: your life to be lived as you see fit. You must be as a true warrior, fit for this and fit for that. Fitness for your life. You are warriors and you will fit a solution to any decline, or setback, or even just to the changing nature of your challenge. You will fit a solution that will result in that which you most mightily desire. So it has been written.