January 23rd

Tough situations, tough times, tough love, stressors galore … and do we complain? Sometimes we do. We complain. Sometimes we get depressed, and sometimes we run away and hide, but we also sometimes soldier on and overcome the adversity. What happens as a result? We develop mental toughness by overcoming adversity. We develop additional skills by embracing tough times and tough situations … and when someone practices tough love on us, and we survive and prosper, our strength of character develops and shines brighter than ever.

This seems like a riddle. Why do tough times improve us? Well, it’s like weeding a garden. Pruning limbs with sharp tools, and tearing out unwanted growth at the roots definitely stresses that ecosystem, but it results in healthy new growth and a spectacular display. Our lives are like gardens, and without stress and challenge we do not prosper. We do not create, and we do not succeed at the same levels to which we can rise when we are pushed, challenged, or cornered.

The lesson is to embrace and enjoy your life’s challenges. True warriors do this. When things are too quiet, too calm, too tranquil, and too serene, we know that it is time to look around for an adventure, lest we grow weak and stale. You are warriors, and your challenges and adversity are the seeds of your success. That is just the way it is.