December 9th

Tackle the tough things first; they aren’t going to go away. Think of it like this: the tough things are like rust in your car on a salty winter road at the worst of times and in the dry desert heat at the best of times. Either way, rust is insidious and does not repair itself. The tough things act like an insidious rust eating away at the panel under your seat. The longer you ignore it, the more expensive it is to fix, and eventually the floor pan rusts right out and your butt starts dragging on the highway.

The true warrior is on the lookout at all times for tough things to tackle, as he knows that when they are caught early and often, they are not so tough to deal with, and the consequences are far less significant. This becomes a habit—dealing with the tough things first. It becomes routine, instead of tough, and you will wonder why you weren’t doing this all along.

In the face of a tough issue, a fast response is better than a slow response, but please recognize that it does need to be an appropriate response. Seek help. You are not a one-man or one-woman army. Trust in your cohorts, your peers, and your advisers, for they are there for you when you need them. Think about it.

You are warriors and you have fostered within your team the habit of a fast tactical response. You will make a difference with your timely and considered actions. So it is written.