January 20th

Acceptance is a starting point, a process, a milestone, an end point, and a resting point. How can we have acceptance while striving to make progress? Doesn’t the desire for improvement and progress imply dissatisfaction and friction with the status quo? You can separate the emotional state from the intellectual one, and have both acceptance and dissatisfaction. One can have goals and objectives for tomorrow and acceptance of the status quo for today. We exist in the moment and not the future. In the future, we are not, and have not. In the future, we are less than the optimum image we have created for ourselves. That place does not exist, except for within the space between our ears. Open your eyes and look around you. This is where you are, and through the act of acceptance, you demonstrate sanity, as opposed to the insanity of living in the future, which does not yet exist!

So accept and then act rationally, moving forward through your life stream. If you follow your charted course, you will arrive at your destination, either having achieved your objective or (having failed to do so) learning something you can use to your advantage. True warriors accept and embrace whatever they encounter in their lives. You are warriors and have been given gifts by your creator. You can do with them whatever you please, whether or not you realize it. You can exert your mind and make a difference, nudging yourself toward the best place for you and your team. If you will, you can succeed beyond your wildest imaginings. So it has been written.