August 16th

The true warrior has an empty mind, a full heart, and is travelling in neutral at the speed of light, ready to accelerate at a moment’s notice. You are warriors, and you are astounding. Your ability to win is unbridled and your passion is boundless.

This morning, right now in this very moment, you have a choice. It is a choice granted to you by a higher power as your birthright. You are blessed with the power of choice. The true warrior does not make the easy choice. The true warrior does not make the comfortable choice. The true warrior does not put off their choice. The true warrior does not make the “politically correct” choice—at least not because it is the “politically correct” choice. The true warrior does not choose based on the feelings of others.


The true warrior chooses on the basis of validated learning. The true warrior knows what he or she is doing. No guessing!

Consider these two choices: 1) I will accept the situation and be helpful and supportive, and my peace of mind will be maintained. 2) I will reject the situation, vigorously oppose all, and be disruptive … and my mind will be in turmoil.

With the first choice, you have an opportunity to guide, direct, and coach. You are in a position to take action. With the second choice, you are reacting and are locked into a strategy. The cost in psychic coin is significant. Which do you prefer? It is your choice.

The true warrior has come to believe that only good things happen. This doesn’t mean that they like everything that happens, or that they agree with everything that happens. No. They position their perspective on whatever happens from the positive perspective, and that is by conscious choice. Try it, but be careful about blurting out things like: “Oh I am glad that happened!” Keep it to yourself, just like in one of those good books, in which we are counselled not to “cast pearls before swine”. (Mathew 7:6)

Choose. It is your God-given gift of free will. The true warrior embraces the tough choices and rejoices in their outcomes!

You are warriors. With the correct choice, you will prevail. You will create a successful life of peace and tranquillity. So it has been written.