March 30th

Take a break and relax; take a deep breath; look around and see that which is around you. Assess yourself … right now. It’s kind of like 3CP01 running a self-diagnostic check. Pulse, breathing, physical state, emotional state, mental state, wardrobe, cleanliness, environmental conditions, immediacy of threats, physical surroundings, proximity of others … check things off, one by one. Tally up the results and announce them to yourself. There is a very high probability that everything is within tolerable limits (if not actually within desirable tolerances) most of the time. It would appear that all is well in the cosmos—it is unfolding as it should and every state or situation will resolve itself at some point. The interesting point is that, if you are unhappy with the outcome of these resolutions, the problem is with you. There is absolutely no problem with the outcome. The outcome is the outcome, and no amount of wishing to the contrary will change that. The only thing that can be changed is your mind. Acceptance is the first key to all contrary conditions or events. The second key is to adapt and conform to the new status quo. The third key is to go with flow, aligning your power with whatever new power is available from the new status quo.

Let’s consider a simple personal/interpersonal situation that may have occurred during your teenage years. You have been targeted by another clique or unrelated group of your peers. Stage one: You are singled out and victimized in some fashion (let’s assume it is in a non-criminal or life-threatening way). Stage two: You either respond in an expected manner, to the delight of your persecutors, or you respond in an unexpected manner (decision point). Stage three: The persecutors’ behaviour is either reinforced or negated as a result of your choice of behaviour. Stage four: You suffer or you do not.

The unexpected response (decision point) is to bind yourself to the efforts of your persecutors. Agree with them wholeheartedly; take it and run with it; make it bigger than they have. Own it! If it is an insult, insult yourself more vigorously than they have! If it is a punch, agree and then punch yourself harder. If it is a trip, trip yourself some more. Whatever it is, embrace it. Act on it and provide your audience with the biggest and best performance you have in you. What will be the outcome? Try it and see for yourself.

True warriors know that to convert the power of their enemies to themselves is to deflate or de-power those enemies with their own force. Imagine the enemy struggling harder and harder. The harder he tries, the more he hurts himself, because you are reflecting his power back at him. True warriors harness all the power that is available to them regardless of its source. The true warrior understands that power is power!

You are warriors. By using all the power that is available, regardless of its source, you will prevail and succeed when you might otherwise have failed. The choice is yours. The outcome is yours. Be brave, have faith, and act in unexpected ways. Embrace the outcome, for by doing so you will succeed beyond your wildest imaginings. So it has been written.

1. 3CP0 – a very pedantic fictional protocol droid created by George Lucas for the Star Wars franchise.