August 20th

Studies show that brain-storming is not anywhere near as effective as challenging assumptions, criticizing opinions and ideas, or confronting either the status quo or the collaborative idea. Why is this true? The true warrior knows that it is a fact that group brain-storming does not produce authentic results; every suggestion is ameliorated by a variety of influences: office politics; what the leader or boss throws out there; personal feelings of inadequacy; fear; peer pressure; being risk adverse and so on.

The true warrior knows that you will never get the best in a brain-storming exercise—not even close. What does it take to get the best? It takes a concerted effort to produce something of value, and then having that idea, product, strategy, concept, or iteration be subject to authoritative and critical review. This is technically how peer-review scientific articles work. What this means is that someone has to be the hard ass.

Someone has to be the one to say that the proverbial emperor is actually naked! Is the true warrior known for being nice? No way! So stop worrying about being nice. If you look at something and have something to say, spit it out. Don’t pussyfoot around because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. We are not put here to be liked. We are not put here to be loved. We are not put here to make friends. And we are not put here to have our egos stroked! No! We are warriors and we are here to win! To prevail! To overcome! To dominate! To do something incredible!

Don’t try to get along. That doesn’t make us winners. Don’t try to make everyone happy, and don’t try anything! Accomplish … make things happen; produce results. Do anything but try. You are warriors. You are powerful and full of knowledge. You will piss us all off at some point, but you will show us the true path to success and salvation. So it has been written.