April 26th

Don’t be alone. The true warrior is never alone. The true warrior is a believer, and as a believer, is never alone. Who and what the true warriors believe in is a twenty-four seven companion, and is always there for them. Now, let’s talk about bias and beliefs. We mentioned the word believer a few sentences ago. Let’s stop right now and review your response.

What happened at that moment? Did your prejudice prevent you from exploring that concept for yourself? If so, that’s a problem for you (unless you enjoy the status quo, and you feel that your life is all that it can be) and it will prevent you from taking an open-minded look at the benefits you might enjoy from no longer being alone with yourself. The first point to consider undoing is the end view—whatever you think you have to conform your believing to. Let go of that idea and start with the idea that no one has an idea you have to adopt. Instead, believe that you can invent any idea you can possibly imagine and use that as your own personal conception of a constant companion, a power, and a force of the universe that is stronger than yourself. Come up with your own idea and use that!

Even if someone did have a good and useful idea that you could adopt as your own, would you be able to know what they were really imagining or seeing? Your own idea will be exactly that, your own idea, which you do not need to share with anyone. The true warrior knows that the impact of this personal spiritual relationship is truly amazing, and that it is extremely hard to demonstrate its value to the non-believer. The result of belief is empirically evident in the measuring cups of your life. Stop denying yourself the fullness of your life. Become a believer.

You are warriors, and those of you who believe are powerful and full of abilities. With that strength and those abilities, you will never be alone. So it has been written.