September 24th

Can you see past the end of your nose (knows)? Can you see anything but the constructs of your own mind? Can you see outside the box? Can you see at all?

Why do true warriors wonder about all that they see? Is it because they know that their sight is limited, influenced, and adulterated by their mind, their perceptions, and their reality? Yes, true warriors know that they do not see the vision in front of them without attaching their own world view to it, and that this creates meanings that are not there, not real, and appear to have relevance that does not in fact exist. So what are warriors to do? Can’t they even trust their own eyes? No!

Well, that’s a great start, because seeing is not believing. Seeing correlates with a pre-existing belief or is used to confirm and support a belief. Seeing is never the creation of belief, but is always used by the mind as confirmation of a belief. Should you truly see something, for the very first time, it will be confounding and mysterious. It will not confirm any belief. It will cause the creation of a new experience, and belief will follow later. So the trick here is to suspend belief and have the experience of truly seeing. This is the gift of first sight!

The true warrior strives for seeing truly, seeing without preconception, and without prejudice … seeing so that he or she can create the experience. This is the goal of first sight—finding the truth of seeing without distortion and interference, and the ability to truly see outside the box.

You are warriors. You will enjoy the gift of first sight and create a fortune of fortuitous happenings. So it is written.