February 22nd

What you don’t know can hurt you, so pay attention. Ask the locals for the lay of the land. Don’t hold back, as you don’t want to hear “But you didn’t ask about that,” when you’re already licking your wounds.

Threat assessment is a daily ritual for the true warrior, sometimes moment by moment. For our minds to effectively process threat, we need a variety of experiences. This is why the true warrior role plays, practices, and conducts war games. How else does one gain experience in a non-lethal setting, yet accumulate sufficient encounters to get basic mental programming that can be reconstructed effectively at times of maximum need. Variety is in fact the spice of life.

If you don’t know it’s possible, then you don’t know, but that will not prevent you from trying. If you know it’s not possible, then trying is folly. A simple lack of evidence to the contrary, however, is not proof of anything.

You are warriors. Be vigilant. Be aware and assess your threats. You will succeed because it is possible. With the right mind, a good team, and effective decisions, it is probable. So it is written.