September 26th

Stop thinking and start doing. We must start each day anew. How we start each day is important. Each day begins with how we end the day before. Each day begins and ends in sleep (or are we transported to a different dimension, with sleep merely an illusion of the portal through which we travel for that time?). Whatever the circumstance, sleep is but another tool for the warrior to use in the continuance of his commitment to seek the perfection of his skills along the warrior way.

Sleep. How do you view sleep? Does it get in your way? Do you look forward to sleep? Do you want to sleep more or do you want to sleep less? Do you sleep well? Do you do anything well? The warrior does. The warrior sleeps well. The warrior uses this time effectively. With sleep, you can recover your strength. With sleep, you can heal your wounds. With sleep, you can rest your mind. With sleep, you can solve problems. With good effective sleep, you can start each day primed for it and ready. You can get a head start on the awakening consciousness. You can be ready to create the best day there can possibly be, for you and your cohorts, family, and friends.

If you sleep too much, you have the power to change that. You can sleep less. It just takes commitment, discipline, and practice. If you don’t sleep enough, you can take advantage of that condition and add meditation and prayer to your routine, in order to gain strength during your downtime.

You can create and accomplish seemingly impossible things while you are asleep. Using the concepts of conscious programming, and conditioning your mind, you can enter the sleep cycle primed for action, revelation, problem solving, and the creation of solutions to problems that plague you throughout your waking life. Try it tonight.

Warriors, before the sleep cycle commences, enter a grateful state of mind and give thanks. Then conjure up those issues upon which you wish to work, and ask for help in accomplishing this task throughout your sleep cycle. Enter the sleep cycle in this state of mind, and be ready to act and capture the solutions that present themselves, and then prime yourself upon awakening.

You are warriors, and you will awake surprised and ready for action. You will have a plan. You will overcome the slump. You will turn the tide. You will surprise yourself with your outcome. You will create that which you believe in. So it is written.