July 17th

Change the oil! The true warrior knows that the simplest, easiest way of living is to change the oil regularly. Change the oil before it needs to be changed, for this is a cheap but effective trick and protects the life of your engine—thus protecting your investment; thus protecting your time; thus protecting your peace of mind more than any other single thing that you can do.

Guess what, you have stuff and you are something … both of which can benefit from the practice of this philosophy!

“Changing the oil” means be to be proactive, and do things before you need to. That way, when you need to, you won’t have to. Let’s take another example: your clothes. If you care for them properly, wearing the right clothes for the right activities, keeping them stored neatly and properly, washing and ironing them according to the directions, they will serve you far longer than you might otherwise expect. Now at the time, doing things correctly might seem like a burden, and the harder way. But the fact is, it is the simpler, easier way.

The true warrior recognizes the hidden benefit of taking care of your stuff: an enhanced feeling of well-being, and a heightened sense of self-worth. Following this approach will lead to everything being right in your world far more often that it is not.

“Changing the oil” is an objective philosophy. It is clearly defined, simple and measurable. It is activity and time oriented. It is not some subjective whim or hope.


“Changing the oil” is a concrete philosophy, well defined and something that each and every one of you can master. So look around yourself. What can you find that would benefit from an oil change? Well … what are you waiting for? Get started. Change the damn oil and start living a better life!

You are warriors and by changing the oil—practising a lifetime philosophy—you will be so far ahead of your peers, they won’t be able to get on the same page as you. They won’t even be in the same chapter. This a gift of the true warrior. So it has been written.