February 19th

True warriors swim across the current when they encounter adversity. The true warrior never swims upstream, doesn’t fight adversity, and doesn’t waste energy in opposition to the forces of nature or the universe. The true warrior, like the Judo Master, uses that force to help further the warrior’s goals or aims. Go with the flow, tack downstream, or travel at right angles to the force of opposition to achieve the best result!

Here’s a concept to help understand: falsification1—seeking out proof that something is false. This is a much more useful tool than trying to prove that something works or is true. Discovering a way to do something doesn’t mean that there is no reason why it can’t be done. Whereas if you find a reason that something is false, you have all the proof you need to change course and swim across the current!

You are warriors, and by using all the forces of the universe, you will be empowered … as opposed to being drained and exhausted. You will prevail and succeed beyond your wildest imaginings. So it has been written.

1. Falsification – a philosophy developed by Sir Karl Popper, one of the 20th century’s most influential thinkers. Popper suggested that, having come up with a hypothesis, one should seek evidence that refutes it, rather than supports it, as it only takes one negative refutation to destroy the hypothesis. Work smarter!