November 15th

No more distraction! That’s the essence of the ninth commandment, which reads: “Believe. Demonstrate faith. Trust in your God (higher power). No worries, it’s not your job!”

When you think about worrying, when are you? Worry does not occur in the moment. The event, upon which you spend your emotional coin, is not now. You may be worried now, but not about now. You are worried about then, and then isn’t now.

Take the big step. Let your higher power do your worrying. Let God do his job. Get out of the way and believe that God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Either your higher power is a higher power or he/she/it is not. If not, then you need a better, bigger, stronger, more powerful higher power. Just decide, and then believe. Then trust and turn it all over! The result? No more distraction. You are free to act without worry. Just do it!

You are warriors and you do not worry. You act. You believe and you have faith. With this faith, you will change yourself (and all that is around you) for the better. So it is written.