July 21st

The true warrior lives for the difficulties in life. In business, as well as in life, embracing difficult customers and events makes us better—as individuals, entities, organizations, companies, and teams. It is only when we are challenged that we grow, mature, and evolve. The true warrior knows that when it’s easy … man, it’s just easy. However, when it’s tough … that’s when we make progress, grow, and innovate. That’s when we shine; that’s when we become better.

The true warrior practices acceptance, and accepts the inevitable, for it is right then, in moments of challenge and difficulty, that we find those opportunities for greatness—opportunities to become better than we have ever been!

In this fashion, the cohorts of true warriors contribute mightily to the perfection of the whole, for each of them turn the current setback, challenge, difficulty, or disaster into an opportunity for greatness and growth. This does not mean that you’re happy while working through it, but happiness is not your compass. Your compass is getting to the other side of the event, with acceptance, and then applying yourself without reservation to a final outcome that is not judged in advance or during the process, but by the passage of time. Your compass is only seen clearly when looking back at it, through the noise and chaos, from the other side.

You are warriors, and have learned to enthusiastically embrace the struggles of daily life, and rejoice when those same moments present you with the opportunity to demonstrate your greatness. Therein lies the keys to the kingdom and your eventual success. So it has been written.