July 24th

Pump it up! Jump it up! Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! True warriors know that they have to express this inner joy, which empowers them as they live from moment to moment. To prevent a joyful explosion, they have to let it all hang out every once in a while. In fact, the true warrior has become used to spontaneous expressions of celebratory joy, as they are continually amazed at how much fun they have, living this life. Gratitude in action … moment by moment. It starts when you wake up each day, and only gets better from there!On awakening, and discovering that we’re still here and blessed with the opportunity to rack up more experiences with yet another joyful day on the planet, we sometimes wonder how it can actually get any better!

“On awakening.” Think about it. It is our present—our moment in time, right here, and right now. Who needs Christmas or birthdays when we get this phenomenal gift of life each and every day … on awakening.

Next we start linking moments of the day, as our plan for it unfolds, and we find that we have moment after moment of living celebrations to show the people around us. Those who are in tune with this cosmic consciousness recognize the joy in the eyes and lives of people around them, and the ensuing spark of recognition is truly electrifying.

Just think about it a little more. You can be the one who makes a difference or the one who makes the difference. You have no idea the impact you can have in these divine moments of your life. So—as Nike says—“JUST DO IT”.

You are warriors. You are making a difference in the world, and will reap your rewards. So it is written.