May 27th

Are you being tested? Are you just cruising along, or is it all just one big slice of apple pie? We hope you are being tested with intervals of cruising while enjoying the big slice of apple pie! The true warrior knows that we need to be tested, for without testing we wither and atrophy, and our mind and our muscles become slacker and less effective day by day. When we are being tested, we are pushed to new limits and the fitness of our minds and bodies improves. This is a very good thing, so embrace your testing, rejoice in your challenges, and pray that you will be up for the challenge.

If everything in your life is cake, shake it off and go find something to challenge yourself as soon as possible. If you don’t use it, you lose it … and spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical fitness is a terrible thing to lose. You are warriors. By embracing your challenges, you will strengthen yourself—win, lose, or draw. Through improved strength in all areas of your life, you will be positioned to succeed. Like good luck, success will be your experience. So it has been written.