June 18th

What to do when you are just not in the mood for anything right now? Well the good news is that this too shall pass. All states are transient, and change is inevitable. That is the nature of life. Change or wither, as trying to maintain the status quo is just plain tiring. Life is like walking up on an endless “down escalator” … and although it is descending at a slow and reasonable pace, you have to keep moving in order to stay in one place and maintain the status quo. To make upward progress requires even more effort. True warriors carry this vision with them at all times, and realize that some days, when they are just not in the mood, it is okay to ride down some, taking their ease while waiting for whatever it is to pass.

Usually, we don’t step onto the down escalator for the first time until sometime around puberty. Before that time we are growing like weeds and everything about us keeps us going more or less in the right direction. When we come of age, and start making our own decisions, we take that first step out onto that downward escalator and receive that gentle but relentless pressure to either continue growing (or ascending) or start that slow and gradual decline downward into oblivion. True warriors bank some reserve as a matter of course, so they have something to hold them up and support them in times of crisis and challenge, when they might otherwise be descending too far.

True warriors know that if they do things that they don’t need to do right now, they won’t have to do them later, when it needs to be done. It will already have been done … and in the bank for times like this. This is kind of like a rainy-day fund, but for everything except money—things like emotional stability, prayer, meditation, exercise, training, friendships, connections, good will, charity, and so on. The true warrior, of course, also has an actual cash rainy-day fund, and does not live from hand to mouth. No. The true warrior always has something in reserve.

You are warriors, and by maintaining adequate reserves, you will be able to survive and thrive under conditions that would otherwise slay you with their appalling intensity and quality. Those reserves, and that lifetime of discipline and sacrifice, will tip the world in your favour at just the right time. So it has been written.