October 15th

What does it take to get the message? Have you ever read something over and over again and then, sometime later, wonder who rewrote the passage? You find some mysterious new information that certainly wasn’t there before! What gives? Have you ever been looking for something, only to have it magically appear before your eyes … lying right there in plain sight? Bam! Presto! Magic! Our perceptions are filtered. We do not see all that there is. Many things are filtered out.

For those marketing warriors who get tired of the same old message … don’t! The message is not for you. It is intended for the prospect who can finally hear—who for some reason has stopped filtering out the message either by circumstance or emotional state, or potentially even by choice (though that is unlikely) and finally gets it. Message received!

For those sales warriors who trim the boring bits from their presentation, they should be aware that, as time passes, the presentation can end up getting trimmed so much that the prospect can no longer connect the dots, and sales warriors will fall into sales slumps … all because they stopped doing what worked … all because they were bored with the message. Don’t stop doing what works, no matter how boring it might be. The message is not for you!

For our actor warriors, they know they can’t change the script. They know they can’t establish new marks on stage. They know that they can’t vary the performance just because they’re bored! That’s what makes them true warriors! As they perfect their craft, and perfect their art, they can perform the same play over and over again and rejoice in the sameness of the performance from night to night. Is it any different for you? No, it is not. You are warriors and you astonish us each day with the perfection of your services. Each day you commit to the perfection of your service. You spread the message of such perfection far and wide, with every syndication, as you reach out to produce the wow factor!

The true warrior realizes that to perfect a technique, he must repetitively train to make him or herself one with the technique, until they no longer have to think about it—no longer have to try. He or she filters all that out and just performs the act flawlessly. It happens to our minds and it happens to the minds of our prospects. Much of our life is spent performing habits, and those habits keep us in blinders. We miss many peripheral messages because that is the nature of our minds.

In this crowded space in which we exist, what kinds of messages get our attention? Explosions, danger, threat, pain, and opportunity. Unfortunately, we can’t go around blowing stuff up all the time just because we want to bring attention to ourselves. But we can use the predilections of the human mind to our advantage. Pattern interrupt is a neuro-linguistic programming technique that works well for marketing and sales warriors. Introduce something totally unexpected. Disrupt the habit! Think about it.

You are warriors and you will ride to victory. So it is written.