August 24th

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The true warrior believes in failure. The true warrior believes that, without failure, there is no measurable growth, and no path to success. So one of the true warrior’s mantras is: “On to the next one!” Not everything we do has a measurable impact (believe it) so when the results are inconclusive, move on to the next experiment. The true warrior is looking for experiments that produce positive results. The true warrior is always ready to let go and reiterate, and do so rapidly, always watching the impacts: positive, negative, or none at all.

The true warrior is willing to make repetitive changes. Another mantra of the true warrior is: “Embrace, change, and learn!”

You are warriors. Failure is an option! It is only by failing that one can truly succeed. Warriors, you will create success only through learning from an accumulation of failures. Keep repeating the cycle until what you’re looking for happens. So it has been written.