January 16th

Down through the ages, patience has been cited as a virtue. I wonder if the origin of this truth is actually frustrated parents wanting their demanding and pestering children to settle down and wait until they are good and ready to deliver whatever they are being pestered for. Surely this saying did not have its genesis in those who were waiting patiently for an outcome and realized (spontaneously) that if they just sat and waited they would receive what they expected. I wonder how long they waited patiently before realizing that it was patience itself that was the driving force behind the satisfaction of their desire.

Now that I have characterized it this way, doesn’t it seem absurd? How about this perspective: those who are in charge think that patience is a virtue in those they lead or govern. No one in charge likes to have their leadership, ideas, or directions questioned … so the goal is to mold your followers into meek submission and conformance. Aha! According to the Bible, the meek shall inherit the earth!

True warriors are chameleons1. They know how to behave while keeping an independent mind and operating behind enemy lines with complete abandon. Pay attention to who or what is programming your mind and reject any absurdities that you find. The true warrior shall not be so shackled.

You are warriors. You are not meek, patient, nor stupid, and with clear thinking you can be free of societal mind-control programming. You will achieve great success by paying attention to (and rejecting) all those wrong ideas that get planted in your mind. So it is written.

1. Chameleon – in this case, the term relates to the true warrior’s ability to blend in regardless of the setting or circumstance.