September 25th

Warriors, what is the magic of the day? What is the magic of our mind? What is the magic of perception? What is the magic of time? Is there one way to bundle it all up, and also understand how to employ and deploy that magic? You know there is or else I wouldn’t be asking, would I?

The magic of the day is that it is today. That’s right, today, and in fact, right now. Actually, it is this very moment. But if we focus too closely, we will become cross-eyed and unable to focus on anything at all. We will become completely useless while we’re staring at the spots on the end of our own noses.

We have talked about getting things done, making commitments, being disciplined, practising, perfecting, being skilled, etc., and it can be overwhelming—looking at or thinking about accomplishing all of this. The to-do list can be daunting, and the amount of work (envisioned over a lifetime) massive. It all seems too much to deal with. It saps our will. It gets in our way. It is a mountain in our path. We may as well not even go there. Give it up. Quit. Go sit in the corner with a blanket over our heads. Or … think in a new way instead.

Confucius said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.” This is a very important insight. The magic magnifying glass in our minds blows everything out of proportion, and easily overwhelms us without our even realizing it. So, here is the secret … here is how to deploy the magic of the day: It is just for today. Yes, we deploy the magic of the day with the magic of perception, and we decide that we can accomplish the goals of just a single day—this day, today, right now—by harnessing the magic of time all in one neat bundle. Warriors realize that, within a single day, mighty deeds can be accomplished, huge obstacles can be overcome, and that to do so they must limit their worldview to just this day … as tomorrow may never come.

So think about it. We have primed ourselves for the day. We have started off with an expansion of our personal, creative universe, and we will now contain our resources and our efforts to just this single day. We will abandon ourselves to our tasks and undertakings as if this day were our one and only. Anything less will not have the same impact.

You are warriors, and just for today, you will shed the past and spend each moment in the moment—right here and right now—because what you do today does matter. So it is written.