August 26th

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The true warrior understands that we humans have three distinct styles by which we learn: audio/oral; visual/reading/writing; and demonstration/doing (kinesthetic learning). There is actually a recent additional learning style that has developed, involving the connection or combination of various multimedia elements in order to create something new (a process described as “concatenation”), which can sometimes be as simple as visual imagery. The true warrior knows that if we ignore one or more styles of learning in our presentations/conversations/arguments, we are losing part of our audience before we even start. On the internet, for example, the ideal would be to have a hyperlink leading to a landing page that asks the most important question: “What type of learner are you?” It would then send prospects down the correct path. Key words on behavioural style can be discerned from a conversation. Do you see what we mean (visual dominance)? How do you feel about that (kinesthetic dominance)? Can you understand what we are saying (auditory dominance)? What words do you like to use that describe your dominant trait?

Look at this picture.


Can you hear the victory song?

Now if we could just make the image get up and dance around, to show you some true warrior moves, you would be able to feel our joy. The true warrior knows and lives this feeling. Do you feel the power? You are warriors; by paying attention to learning styles and communication modes you will succeed more frequently, and with less effort, than those who ignore these lessons. So it has been written.