May 31st

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Get the hell out of bed! Don’t put off the magnificence of your life a moment longer! Some of us are driven, from the moment of conception, to accomplish magnificence. Others take a while to get wound up, and still others start off well and get somehow derailed somewhere along the way. Sometimes we get back on track and fall back down with seeming regularity. If you are like our true warriors, who are currently being rocketed into the 4th dimension of existence (which is time) while following God’s plan for them, then read no further. This message is decidedly not for you. In fact, you might care to take some of us under your wing and help us to join you on that path. For the rest of us mere mortals, sometimes it seems like everything in the known universe is stacked against us, conspiring against us, thwarting us, stymieing us, stopping us, and preventing us from achieving that upon which we have set our sights, that for which we have fervently wished, and that upon which we have set our hearts!

Well guess what? With that attitude, you are right—the odds are that you will flounder, founder, flop, and flail about without much success. We must start with some attitude adjustments. We must align ourselves with God’s will for us. We must not have any expectations about outcomes. Instead, we must just do the work in front of us—moment by moment. Does that mean we don’t plan? Of course not. We plan as much as we want, but we live in the moment. We live today, and do today what can be done today, for it is all about doing what matters in this moment. So get up and get out of bed! Start your moments sooner rather than later. Start building that magnificent life that God wants you to have, but pay attention! It is all about living your moments. You are the noise. Looking backwards into time, you will see the signal that is the life you are living. Do not look forward, for there is nothing but potentials ahead … and it is this moment that actualizes all those potentials.

Imagine if you didn’t get up. Instead, you stayed in bed until noon. When you finally got up, you had two-day-old donuts, a stale beer, and leftover chips for breakfast/lunch. Your next order of business is video games! Who is online? What’s the score? Get your gaming hat on! Next thing you know it’s after seven. Nothing you thought you might do today got done. The opportunity slid right on by. Well tomorrow is another day, and there will be many more where that one comes from.

May as well go out and party. Let’s have some fun! Day after day. What is the measure of this life? How many of us are like this, and wonder why we are not successful, and why we don’t have meaningful relationships, and why we never have enough money at the end of the month, and why there is so much more month left to endure at the end of the money? True warriors know that, simply by getting up and rushing out to embrace the day and do the things that they should do (things that are in front of them), the outcome is exponentially different! God’s will is that you do what is in front of you, live in harmony with the moment, be grateful, and do not have expectations. Accept what comes your way and act smartly. You are warriors, and if you will just get out of bed and embrace the day, each and every day, you will develop the habit of the winning mind … and in that there is great profit.

So It Has Been Written.