March 26th

The most important response to non-life-threatening news, information, situations, and circumstances is a non-response. Don’t do anything. Don’t say anything. Instead, process what you know, ask for more information, and absolutely look for clarification, because you certainly don’t have a complete picture or understanding yet. Resist the pressures of quick action, as this is usually a smoke screen for something else that would be useful to understand. Now, don’t just be a non-responsive statue or droid. Please acknowledge the communication, situation, or event. Be empathetic, possibly even sympathetic as is warranted, so that you are perceived as a sensitive and caring human being. Don’t just ignite thrusters and launch yourself into action unless it is truly threatening your life or venture. If it is, then that is the response your cumulative training has instructed you to have in such a case. What does a non-response do for you? The true warrior understands that this is how you engage time as a tool that will help you … rather than allowing it to be an attribute that thwarts you.

Now, having made the appropriate comments, gestures, and noises, take a deep calming breath and start to assess what you truly know. More importantly, start identifying the gaps in your knowledge. What do you think you don’t know that you would like to know? What information would you like to have that you think would radically change your thinking on this issue? Can that information be found? Is it available? Does it exist? Can it be made to exist (if it is so significant that it will completely change the existing paradigm)? Dig deep, be resourceful, pay attention, and (most importantly) ask questions!

Minutes, hours, days, or weeks will now have passed, and looking back at the news, information, situations, and circumstance,can you map out a sensible course of action or inaction? Isn’t this a much easier and more fruitful process? At the end of day, isn’t it emotionally satisfying to be grounded in reality and truth, as opposed to flying high on supposition and innuendo? Make your plan in the hard, cold light of reality. Think, plan, and then act with a single-minded purpose!

You are warriors, and you will achieve far more meaningful results through an appropriate, well thought out, and carefully measured response. Act. Don’t react. As a result, you will achieve that which you need to achieve. So it has been written.