June 30th

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Is your life simple or complicated? Let’s start with the nature of your life and decide if, at a fundamental level, it should be simple or complicated. At the very basic level, true warriors know that they have been born and have matured. They know that their bodies eat and drink, eliminate waste, inhale, exhale, fall asleep, and wake back up. Over the course of our life cycles, we seek rest, shelter, protection, socialization, and procreation. We age and then, having completed the cycle, we die and contribute to the existing bio mass. At this level, it sounds fairly simple. With only moderate risks being taken it is simple, but the true warrior knows that we have minds and the ability to think up things beyond our basic needs … and this is where we transition from the simple to the complex. It is not our lives that are complex, but our thinking.

True warriors are aware that they can just decide to have a complex and complicated life, a state that gains them absolutely nothing. With the complex/complicated life, you have more stress, frustration, discombobulation, and chaos. The true warrior chooses beauty and simplicity at every turn … for it is through the moment by moment creation of a beautiful life that one experiences the simplicity of creation, and the perfection of the love that powers all life. Beauty flows. Beauty is effortless. Beauty is simple. Beauty is elegant. Beauty demonstrates the possibility of perfection in many aspects … and beauty is engendered by peace, tranquillity, and love.

You are warriors. By choosing to strive for perfection, and by expressing beauty, you will have mastered the living of a simple life … and will be a success.

So It Has Been Written.