May 24th

Back to the rules. Got any yet? What are they, and are they working for you? Remember that negative rules work better for you than affirmative rules. I will not is a stronger format than I will!

“I will not eat fish on Fridays,” is easier to follow than “I will eat fish six days a week!” The second example is much harder to implement, remember, and enforce. The key to creating effective rules is to keep them clear and simple.

True warriors have rules, which they may or may not share with you, should you ask. This is one of their sources of strength, as it allows them to act without thinking. This makes you far more productive and effective.

Get some rules. Write them down, carry them with you, consult them often, and prosper as a result. You are warriors, and with some smart rules, you will dominate the universe. The choice is yours. So it is written.