August 19th

The true warrior wonders what it is about the mind that’s so fascinating. Why do we come back to this topic over and over? The true warrior knows that it is because the mind is a dynamic repository of free-floating associations, primarily designed to help us avoid danger. We believe everything that is in our minds, therefore the true warrior knows that it is very important to know how ideas get planted, and what potential behaviour will ensue as a result of an idea taking hold.

We have talked about the fact that believing something is not the same as having facts, truth, or reality in your mind. This means that it is possible (probable even) to believe something that is impossible, false, and completely unreal. Of course, there are degrees of divergence. Your belief may have some minor element actually rooted in reality, but then, as our mind works on it, what we believe gets further and further from the truth, facts, or reality. With suggestions, interview techniques, referrals, questions, and statements, it is possible to plant ideas (or modify existing ideas) in the mind.

The mission of true warriors is to understand all they can understand about the mind. In fact, studies show that when we focus on understanding how ideas are formed in the mind, we become almost three times more effective in developing compelling marketing materials. Remember to protect the contents of your own mind, and be willing to discard beliefs that don’t support an objective view of reality.

There are all sorts of systems out there that help us manage and retrain our brains. Many of them capitalize on a basic and simple truth about how our brains work, which we have already discussed: the fear of loss and losing is far stronger than the desire to gain or win. In business and in life, this is an asymmetric response and impacts all negotiations. Knowing this kind of behavioural information, about how the mind works, equips the true warrior for battle so that they may achieve more desirable outcomes.

You are warriors, and must know the mind of your community. Equip yourself accordingly, if you are to prevail and succeed. So it has been written.