March 24th

Doing stuff and being busy, looking for new things to do when the thing you should be doing remains undone, is a reckless strategy that will lead to failure and ruin. When you sit on the scrap heap, with all the wonders of your mind piled around you, you will wonder how you ended up there. You were working hard. You were doing stuff. You were creating new things. Reciting the list of self-justifications will continue until you get to the end of it and pronounce yourself not-guilty, deciding that it couldn’t have been your own fault. At this point, if you are very lucky, a voice will boom out inside your head. “What about taking care of what should have been getting done? In that moment, you will finally know the truth. It was you who sowed the seeds of your own destruction, through your inaction and distraction from that one (most important) task, which you avoided, for whatever reason. It matters not why. It is time to learn the lesson, get up, and move forward. Although you may have failed, you are not dead yet! Welcome to the present—that magical moment, in which anything is possible. Is the moment you are experiencing now founded on the consequences of some moment from yesterday that was disregarded or spent foolishly?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. For the moment to count, and be most valuable, do the right thing now. The most important thing, which will matter most to some other time and space, is to do the things that ring the bells of self-honesty as you move forward, instead of what stimulates doubt or discomfort.

True warriors listen very carefully to their internal guidance systems, and pay attention to the notifications of dis-ease or dis-comfort. They cast about, looking for the opportunity to conform to the tinkling sound of rightness from their core, being, or soul—for that will be the right course. You can lie to yourself, of course, and simply discover the truth in the final outcome.

Today, you must learn to separate the sense of discomfort that is triggered by newness or strangeness from the sense of discomfort that is triggered by wrongness. It is like an emotional homonym, the very same word and feeling in both cases, but with distinctly different meanings—and with significantly different outcomes. Learn to tell the difference and thrive.

You are warriors, and by learning to listen to your internal guidance system, and by doing the right and best thing, you will be able to turn it all around and create the pathway to massive success. So it has been written.