July 23rd

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What is your state of mind? Do you have any control over it? Does your state of mind just happen to be whatever it is, or do you have something to say about it? Is your mind heavily influenced by external factors?

Do you hang your happiness on some ephemeral goal? Is your soul tied up with wondering if only this or if only that? Think about your powerlessness in the face of these thoughts, and then think about how you would like it to be instead. Do you want it to be different? Are you happy or content with the state of your mind?

True warriors practice controlling their own minds. They do not tolerate being externally controlled. In fact, they recoil and remove themselves from circumstances, environments, or situations that threaten to impact them negatively as soon as they are able to do so. That way, the risk of that type of influence is eradicated. The true warrior knows that the mind is malleable and can be influenced by other people’s words, visions, experiences, and opinions—for that is the human condition. The true warrior considers the contents of their mind to be sacrosanct, and works hard at claiming sole possession of as much of it as possible.

The mission is to be authentic and true to yourself, and that can only be achieved by weeding out that which is irrelevant in your mind.

You are warriors, and if you are vigilant about the content of your mind, you have the chance to achieve glorious results and massive success. What you keep in your mind, now that this has been brought to your attention, is entirely up to you. So it has been written.